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What is Codeless Architecture?

A new open standard that empowers organizations to build complex software without writing, managing, or seeing a line of code

Introducing Codeless Architecture

The Future is Codeless-1
Over the past decade, Serverless Architecture has allowed organizations to tap into the power of the cloud without the complexity of purchasing, establishing, and maintaining physical servers. Today, leading enterprises are expanding from just outsourcing management of the cloud to outsourcing the management of their entire technology stack
This isn’t some fantasy future state. It’s happening right now.
Codeless Architecture is an open standard that abstracts application development and frees organizations from the cost & complexity of managing software so they can focus entirely on building business value.

The Future is Codeless

Legacy approaches to development are no longer able to keep pace with the speed of business. Today, 80% of their technology budgets are spent just keeping the lights on. That means companies can’t modernize, can’t innovate, and ultimately can’t compete. 
You don’t need a better mousetrap. You need a whole new house.
procedural to declarative

Procedural → Declarative 

Move faster and more efficiently by automating high-volume development steps using a no-code platform (NCP). With Codeless Architecture, complex applications are built by composing graphic components representing user-facing elements, back-end workflows, and integrations with external services. Developers make declarative assertions using a visual drag-and-drop interface, and the NCP renders those decisions into an application on the fly.

bespoke to reusable

Bespoke → Reusable

Focus on innovation, instead of repeating development tasks. Once you define an individual application element (e.g., an API integration with a legacy system or a user-facing form), it can be easily reused throughout your ecosystem. Even better, when you make a change in an element, it can be instantly reflected everywhere.

endless upkeep to future-proof

Endless upkeep → Future-proof

Invest in the future; not maintaining the past. Today, the lion’s share of IT-spend goes to maintaining existing applications, not building new ones. When you go Codeless, NCPs handle the majority of work when it comes to managing/updating/replacing individual parts of your technology stack.

locked-in to liberated

Locked-in → Liberated 

The “codeless definition” is an open standard that can be easily ported to any compatible development framework of your choosing. That means no more vendor lock-in. Find the development technologies that are best for your organization.

getting started with codeless architecture

5 Things to Know About Getting Started With Codeless Architecture

Ready to implement Codeless Architecture into your organization? Here are the five things you should know.

"Codeless Architecture is one of those technology disruptors that’s going to impact a lot of folks. Successful CIOs are no longer going to worry about inevitable technology transitions and evolutions."

—Donald Burgess, Deputy CIO, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

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